Tips in Improving Breathing System

Breathing Meditation Techniques And Others To Treat Anxiety

There are various techniques of meditation for anxiety few of the popular ways of meditating are:

Breathing meditation
The main purpose of breathing meditation is too increase the supply of oxygen in your system, In breathing you try to inhale air deeply that reaches your lungs and lungs get more activated, normally we don't breadth properly and lungs hence don't expand or contract to their maximum. This meditation is performed sitting with spine straight and breathing deeply or normal as you want with eyes partially or fully closed, this posture and breathing increases the supply of oxygen in our lungs and our heart gets stimulated. Increase supply of oxygen makes us feel more fresh and energetic within ten minutes of the practice. Right breathing process cures internal infections like cough, cold and also helps in proper functioning of internal organs.

Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness Meditation can be called ultimate meditation for anxiety. As the name suggests this meditation is done to relax your mind completely and bring your mind in state of harmony and calmness. It is very important to practice this meditation in a quite place where chances of disturbances and distractions are absent. Always choose a place where you don't get provoked or face any emotional turbulence. This meditation is done by sitting straight without any bending, choose a comfortable position and you can rest your hands on thighs. Often it is asked to concentrate couple of inches front to your nose. Concentrate on your breathing and it should not be forced. For starters it should first be done for 5mins and gradually increase with practice.

Transcendental Meditation
This meditation is unique, simple, helps in health improvement, concentration, and reduces stress and anxiety. It also works for insomnia, blood pressure and anti aging therapy. Transcendental meditation can be done sitting in a quiet place for 20minutes it could be done at home, office or while traveling. You can learn Transcendental meditation by joining place that teaches it, it is a technique, which can be acquired by an expert, as it needs some procedure unique to a person's personal requirement.