Tips on Desktop Video

Various Desktop Video
Tips and Tricks

Within this section you'll find various tips and tricks on desktop video. I'll be adding more articles regularly, so check back often.

The HD digital video camera
This article gives you some background on the high-definition (HD) digital video camera. These cameras are now de-facto standard equipment for digital video enthusiasts, due to the proliferation of HD.

Learn about CCD digital video cameras
This article gives you a brief overview of CCD digital video technology. CCD technology is a great step forward for digital video and a video enthusiast would do well to know its ins and outs.

How to make your own video site
This article shows you how you can make your very own video site. So you can upload all the videos in your life for the world to see and enjoy.

Some tips for converting video to the DivX Format
Have you ever wanted to convert your video into the compact DivX format? Well, here are 5 tips for converting video to DivX. Definitely useful to know if you need to store your digital video in a compressed format.

Learn how to use the Google Picasa Program
Learn how you can use the Google Picasa program to good effect. This is one of the best image editors out in the market and best of all, it's free!

7 things to look out for in a web video hosting service
This article describes 7 things you should look out for when applying to a web video hosting service.

Top 10 family video projects
Learn about the top 10 family video projects that you can do with your family members - lots of fun for everyone.

How to connect your VCR to the PC
Learn how to connect your VCR to the PC

An in-depth explanation of how a camcorder works
An in-depth article which reveals the intricacies of a camcorder. Learn how a camcorder functions and captures video.

Some common misconceptions about digital camcorders
This article features some of the most populat myths about digital camcorders.

How to convert your videos to the DivX format
Learn to convert those video files into the popular DivX format and save hard disk space.

A guide to recording digital video from your PC to VCR
Learn how to record digital video straight from your PC to a VCR. This is a useful technique that comes in handy at times.

How to jazz up your videos with professional DVD menus
This article shows you how to create great looking DVD menus to accompany your video productions.

How to create a movie with Windows MovieMaker
A short tutorial on how to create a movie clip with Windows MovieMaker.

A tutorial that shows you how to successfully burn your own DVD
A step-by-step guide that shows you how to successfully burn your own DVD.

A guide to the different camcorder formats out there
Learn about the different analog and digital camcorder formats in the market today.

Learn how you can shoot a spectacular wedding video
An overview on how to go about shooting a great wedding video.

A guide to converting your old videos to DVD
This article takes you through the process of converting your old video collection to DVD.

All about the different types of camera movement
Learn about the camera movement techniques that professional videographers uses.

A guide to selecting and buying VCD and DVD authoring software
A brief guide to buying the best VCD and DVD authoring software.

A guide to selecting a computer for digital video editing
A guide to buying a computer for digital video editing. Learn how to choose a quality desktop or laptop system.

Video editing software and how to choose the right product
Tips on how to choose the correct video editing software for your video production needs.

Convert digital photos to VCD format
How you can convert digital photos to VCD format using Ulead DVD PictureShow.

Burn VCD discs using Nero Burning ROM
Simple guide on how to burn VCDs using Nero Burning ROM.

How to choose Firewire cards for video capture
Takes you through the main considerations to think about before buying a Firewire card.

How to buy your first digital camcorder
Buying your first digital camcorder. How to find the best deal among the many cameras out there.