Tips for making and/or saving money

Tips on making fast money ethically and legally. Any one of these tips should help you make some quick cash. Before jumping into these money-making tips, here are a couple things to keep in mind.

First, these tips are aimed at helping you make money fast. They are NOT going to make you rich. One or two tips should earn you an extra $50-100 over the next week. Implement all the tips, and you could see a couple hundred dollars added to your bottom line. But do not expect quick riches.

1. Use Swagbucks as your search engine and earn free gift cards.

2. Complete surveys online and get paid. Look to my sidebar for a list of reliable survey companies.

3. Get paid to complete free offers from CashCrate. SO easy.

4. Sign up for Inbox Dollars and Send Earnings. You'll get paid in cash to read your emails. Also receive a $5.00 sign-up bonus for each site.

5. Sign up for MyPoints and get paid in gift cards for reading your email.

6. When you shop online, make your purchases through Ebates and earn cash back. Also get a $5.00 sign-up bonus.

7. Play free (and addicting) games on Winster. Earn points for gift cards, etc.

8. Join Wellness360's free health site. They pay you to use it.

9. Use the iRazoo and MySearchBonus search engines. Though not nearly as good as Swagbucks, you can still win & earn free gift cards.

10. Refer your friends/family to do all of the above. Most of them have referral bonuses!

Find more helpful tips at Works For Me Wednesday. It's the Greatest Hits edition... so everyone is doing a re-run of one of their old WFMW posts. That's why this may seem a bit familiar!

Some personal tips
Market yourself
This can be difficult. In order to actually earn income, you need customers. But just as most people have a tendency to underestimate their abilities, they also tend be uncomfortable with self-promotion.

There’s no shame in mentioning your money-making hobby to friends, family, and neighbors. You needn’t be pushy. Just mention it at natural points in the conversation. If you’ve decided to do some woodworking for cash, mention this when your uncle mentions he wants to buy a new bookshelf.

Marketing can be subtle, but it’s an absolute necessity if you hope to earn money from your hobby. People need to know you’re available before they can hire you.

Hone your skill
Practice, practice, practice. The more time and energy you’re willing to devote to your hobby, the better you will become. The better you become, the more likely that you’ll be able to earn money from it.

Photography is a terrific example. If you’re willing to make a hundred images a day, you can improve your skills quickly, especially if you teach yourself about composition. You may never become a professional photographer this way, but you can develop your skill to the point where you can sell images to stock photo agencies, or enter (and win) photography contests.

Some people are born with natural talent. Most of us have to work at it.