Tips for Managing Blog Reputation

With the great proliferation of blogs out there, it’s worth your time to keep track of what’s being said about you on them. These tools make it easy and convenient to do just that.

Zuula: If you want to get posts just from blogs, try out this search engine. Users can also limit results to photos or videos.

SezWho: Follow who’s important in the blogging world and what they may be saying about you with this tool. Also useful to find out where your personal blog may stand.

Technorati: Whether you’re blogging personally or professionally, listing your blog with Technorati can be a big help in managing your online reputation. You’ll get updates whenever someone links to your blog so you can keep tabs on what people are saying about you or your business.

BackType: BackType is a service that lets you find, follow, and share comments from across the Web, allowing you to keep track of where you’ve been and what you’ve said on blogs.

TweetBeep: TweetBeep will let you keep track of conversations on Twitter than mention you or your business or anything else you’d like to track.
co.mments: When you sign up for an account with this site you’ll be able to track comments and conversations that can influence your online reputation.

Blogpulse: Keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the blogging world, especially in relation to your business using the tools offered on this site.

Trendpedia: For businesses, this can be a valuable tool to track when and what your business is getting attention for and how you’re doing compared to your competitors.

Twist: Twist allows users to compare mentions of several different topics and view recent tweets about each one, making it easy to track info about businesses.

monitter: This tool lets you do much the same as Twist, but you can monitor topics in real-time or by geographic region.

Buzzlogic: Track buzz in the blogging world with this site, and find out just who’s word matters when it comes to blogs.

These tools make it easier to keep track of your social networking profiles and your online reputation in turn.

Comwat: Use Comwat to organize your social networking profiles into one so that its easier for others to find and easier to control what they see.

onXiam: Here you can establish a central online identity, use this identity to link up all your other sites, and even promote this new online location as well.

OtherEgo: Show off everything that you’re involved in on the net through this centralized site.

Zoolit: Check out this landing page service that makes it super easy to manage all the social networks you’ve been using.

Venyo: From lengthy blogs to simple comments, this site allows you to access everything you’ve done online, building up a trustworthy reputation at the same time.

ProfileMat: Pull all your existing online profiles together into a "mat" and allow users to comment on this new singular profile instead.

SimplifID: This site allows users to organize the online world by creating one central place you can access your blogs, social networking sites and more, allowing you to categorize it by type of viewer.

SocialURL: Here you can connect all your online identities by linking your social networking profiles to one URL.

ProfileBuilder: Want to create a professional looking profile using material from your existing social networks? This site lets you do just that, keeping or blocking the elements you choose and giving you a super useful home page to visit.

These tools allow you to hunt down what’s being said about you and find out just what others think of you or your business.

Naymz: Give this site a try to get feedback from people you’ve worked with, customers and friends.

Rapleaf: Here you can look up your personal or professional reputation, rate other people and businesses and get your own ratings.

RepVine: Using a search engine is the easiest way for people who want to know about you to find out more. This site helps you to control what they find when they do this.

Keotag: Manage the blogsphere with this site that allows users to find tagged blog posts over several blog search engines. Are you trustworthy? This site works by analyzing your or more like your business’ trust scores and giving you a ranking.

ReputationDefender: If you’ve found information about yourself online that’s less than true or extremely detrimental to you, try out the services of this company that helps you get things said about you online removed.

FriendFeed: Whether you want to keep up with what your friends are looking at or keep up with what’s being said about you personally, this site is a useful tool.
Social Media Fire Hose: This helpful tool tracks your name, brand or product across sites like Digg, FriendFeed and others that specialize in social media.

Trackur: If you’re willing to shell out for a little help monitoring your reputation, Trackur is a great choice with tools that will search through all kinds of sites from social media to video.

Radian6: This tool makes it easier to monitor social media, often to the benefit of businesses who can use the information to their advantage to build better reputations and products.

Cision: For a fee, this tool can help you monitor "100 million blogs, tens of thousands of online forums, and over 450 leading rich media sites."
Web of Trust: Ensure your website is considered trusted by joining up with this site. After all, no one wants to be associated with a dangerous site– it’s just bad for business.

If you haven’t already, bookmark these sites which can be a big help in maintaining your reputation positively online.

Digg: Check out Digg regularly to see if anyone has submitted stories about your or your business.

Reddit: Similar to Digg, this site will allow you to see how much interest there is you on the Web.

delicious: This social bookmarking site is a good place to see if your webpage or information about you or your business is being passed around by others.

Flickr: Think there may be some less-than-impressive photos of you out there? Trying searching this photo site to see if you come up.

Facebook: Facebook can be a great place to network, just make sure you keep your profile free from things you wouldn’t want spread about you.

MySpace: With millions of visitors, this popular social networking site can be a great place to get your and your business’ name out there.

LinkedIn: Here you can create a professional profile that will allow you to interact with others in your profession in a safe and positive manner.

Google: There’s no easier way to find out what your online reputation is than to do a simple Google search.

Rollyo: If you want a more customized option for searching, try out this great search engine that you can tailor to your online reputation finding needs.

Furl: Another social bookmarking site, here you can track who’s interested in your sites.

Twitter: Whether you want to communicate with others or track the buzz about you on the net, Twitter is an essential tool.

Wordpress: If you’re going to start a blog to be the face of you or your company, this site makes it easy to do so.