Tips for breaking relationship

1. First, make sure you're certain. There's nothing worse than a wishy-washy break up. You don't want to give her false hope. That will only hurt more in the long run.
Know your intent. Do you want to stay friends? Never see her again? Be free so you can start dating someone else? You don't have to state your intent, but make sure you know what you want before you go into it. This will help especially if she gets emotional and tries to get you to change your mind.

2. Be kind. Your goal in a break-up should be to keep your integrity and honor hers. Before you open your mouth, imagine how you want it to go. Picture the best case scenario and try to keep that in your mind when you approach her.

3. Be clear. Have an idea of what you're going to say before you say it. Write some things down. Try to avoid the cliches like "It's not you, it's me," or tell her you just want to be free, if you intend on dating someone else right away.

4. Practice. Call up your best friend and have a run through. When you feel confident you know what you're going to say, set a time for the "talk."

5. Be direct. Start out by saying something like, "I want to talk to you about our relationship, because it's not really working out for me." Don't beat around the bush. Let her know that what you're doing is breaking up with her.

6. Don't blame. Try to talk in "I" statements. No matter how much she frustrates you or drives you crazy, keep the emphasis on yourself. Say, "I'm not happy," or "I feel it's time for me to move on from this relationship."

7. Be sincere. If you still love her, you can say that, but let her know that it's just your dynamic is not working or has become unhealthy.

8. Be clear. She should know when you leave that what has just happened is a break-up. You may have to spell it out for her. "I feel it's best if we break-up now."

9. No guilt. It's okay to be sad, upset, angry, relieved and uncomfortable, but please don't feel guilty. You have a right to set your own path in life and it doesn't have to include her.

10. The preparatory stage of relationship break up lies in a well-considered desire to bid one’s farewell. Escape from reality is an important step to clarify the feelings. Meeting with friends, taking activities, shopping and walking, one should appreciate his/her ability to destroy romance relationships and to survive.

11. Having thought over the necessity of relationship break up, one should keep in mind that procrastination is the thief of time. Regardless of your plans foiled, never try to have the last intimate contact with an ex-lover. One could hardly enjoy the glass of dazzling champaign or candles’ light, realizing that the love is approaching completion. Don’t gratify your ego.

12. The worst relationship break up advice to be imagined is to avoid the last talk. Those, who pass out off sight, send “good bye” e-mails or leave phone messages, are called miserable cowards. Determined to relationship break up, organize a meeting with your ex-date and declare your intentions t.te-.-t.te. Express yourself clearly, be friendly.

13. Hold the strong will in your fist and go on talking. In the course of relationship break up ex-lovers should take their time to share the sore points. Each moment of your life is precious, so bless your partner for those days you’ve spent together. Consider his/her opinion, while discussing all the positive and negative moments of your relations, and then forgive each other.

14. The one, hanging in the wind towards the relationship break up, would better learn not to let the past steal the present. You don’t need to save relations in front of the fear of loneliness. Follow this relationship advice and never look back. The end of the world will hardly happen, and life does go on.